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DNA tests UK - over 250000 tests performed for your peace of mind
DNA testing for immigration in various countries.

Immigration DNA Paternity Test


An immigration DNA test is usually done when a person needs to establish biological proof that they have a close relative living in another country and wish them to join them there. At homeDNAdirect we can provide the necessary accredited immigration DNA test which may be requested as part of the immigration application. The most commonly requested test is the DNA paternity test. Visit http://www.homednadirect.co.uk for more information.

Immigration testing in the UK is done in conjunction with the Home Office. Once you have settled your payment we will forward your details to the UK Home Office. The necessary appointments will be set up at the respective embassies and the sampling will be done by a third party medical professional and not by yourself. This is done to follow the necessary chain of custody sample collection procedure that ensures the validity of your DNA test result.

The DNA immigration test is mostly requested to prove either paternity or maternity, however particularly in situations where the alleged parents are not available, we also offer various types of relationship DNA tests. Once we are informed of your particular case we will give you all the necessary steps to follow.

We will need to establish how many people are being test to determine the correct price and we may also need to include additional shipping charges depending on the location of the various parties. Please note that the collection fee will be at an added cost.

The time the whole procedure takes depends on where the people involved are located and how long it takes to receive your samples at our laboratory.

Contact us today to discuss your case and advise you accordingly on your Immigration DNA Paternity Testing requirements.

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